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Adam's World: Meem for Muhammad; Letters and Manners (DVD)


Adam's World: Meem for Muhammad; Letters and Manners (DVD)

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Want your kids to love the Prophet and his Sunnah? As the ever-inquisitive Adam asks his Chacha, "I wonder what the Prophet was like", Chacha sings three brief songs in praise of Prophet Muhammad, which will make your children truly appreciate the character and teachings of this guide to humanity.

In this action-packed episode, Adam puts on his Wonder Journalist hat exploring a Masjid and has a humorous encounter with Morris Muckster. Adam also transforms into a talk show host and invites Khala, an expert in Arabic letters, to teach his audience the differences in pronunciation of similar sounding Arabic letters.

Children will also learn five Arabic letters: Meem, Seen, Qaaf, Kha, and Daal, and key Islamic terms associated with them.

Format: DVD
Ages: 2 to 9 years.