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Allah's Prophets A Memory Game 7 to Adult


Allah's Prophets

Publisher/Manufacturer: Share The Deen
Product specifications: Matching Card Game; 32 question cards, 32 answer cards, 1 Q&A reference sheet, 1 instruction sheet
Item type: Toy

Product description:

Islamic Match Game reflects the qualities that we aim for in all our products. The game is well-designed, has beautiful artwork and is excellently packaged. The cards are sturdy and easy to handle. The game is both entertaining and educational, appealing to both younger and older players alike.

We believe that quality family time is important. With so many families on the computer these days, they often don't take the time to sit together and play games.

We hope that Islamic Match Game will contribute to bringing families together. We also hope families will have fun while strengthening their imam!

How to play the game

The game is played like the memory game concentration. However, unlike a traditional memory game with matching pictures, players match questions and answers related to Islam. In this edition, players use what they know about Allah's Prophets to play the game.

Not sure of the answers? No problem! We've eliminated the problem of not knowing the answers by providing an answer sheet. Remember, it's a memory game so it's okay to have a "cheat sheet."

Islamic Match Game is easy to play and limited in time; it normally takes about 15 to 40 minutes to complete the game, depending on the number of cards used and the number of players.

Collect as many matching pairs as you can to win the game!