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  • Amal Arabian Friends Regular And Deluxe Set

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    The Arabian Friends Doll: Amal Muslim doll

    Amal the deluxe and the regular set which has: 

    This Muslim Barbie doll comes with a pretty peach, pink, light pink blouse with feminine, pretty decorations.

    The top of her modest blouse has a ruffle decoration on each side with pretty trim about the wrists of the blouse and at the bottom of the blouse.


    It includes a lovely feminine decorated and colorful long modest dress a white eyelet slip under her skirt.

    Her outfit also has a love purplish pink decorated belt.

    Muna has a pair of peach and white finely detailed Barbie shoes.

    This Islamic doll also wears a so soft to the touch feminine pastel soft colored and easy to put on for little fingers, doll hijab.

    Muna has a lovely Pocketbook with long black satin straps and a pink base with white, pink, black satin trim, and a flap with a button to.

    This lovely Hijarbie doll has blond that is lovingly braided in a fancy designed braid on both sides of her head.

    Both dolls come with long natural easy to comb and brush hair. A Bonus!  

    They also come with Velcro for easy changing.

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    One Customer Said: “Our eldest daughter chose this doll and upon arriving in the post.

    It was love at first sight!

    These dolls are so well made, They really are fantastic.  

    And  a lovely generous size.

    What totally convinces me of the quality of the sewing is the fact that neither of the doll's hijab’s have budged...

    Even in the midst of rather rugged play at the hands of two wild farm girls and their equally feral brother!

    That says it all!  :-)  Ever so cute,  So sweet,  A real blessing to find such lovely hijabi dolls.

    And the dolls are a good size,  

    They are just big enough to be easily cuddled by a wee one  up to a older of the younger sister’s up to eleven or even twelve year old  Muslim young lady’s.

     And believe it or not some of us mother’s and even a grandmother like me like to have a few to cuddle and collect.

     Deluxe Set 3 Outfits: 

    including a decorated hijab in multi matching colors and a lovely intricately designed abaya to!  

    This Muslim doll comes with three outfits including a hijab and abaya

    Muna is a beautiful Hijarbie doll with reddish brow hair and green eyes.  

    She is wearing a dark pink sweater

    She has a so soft to the touch maroon blouse underneath.

    This Islamic doll and Arabian doll has a a long modest light pink dress.

    This set includes a tan belt.

    This Muslim Barbie doll has a maroon and lighter maroon color two piece easy for little fingers to put on hijab. 

    She is one of the Arabian Friends doll with hijab.

    She also comes with two fancy unusual pocketbooks.

    The ones with this  deluxe set are first brown straps with gold and brown patterned rest of the pocketbook and a matching button on the flap.  

    The second pocketbook with this deluxe set is a lovely pretty soft light green with brown long straps and flap with a gold button.

    This set comes with an extra outfit and the shirt is in bright abstract feminine colored design.

    Her second outfit includes a lovely pair of light pink trousers.

    It has a matching dark pink belt, and buckle to.

    She also has a extra pair of footwear is a pretty pink and white pair of boots.

    The extra abaya has a fancy silver design trim on the wrists and at the bottom of the lovely so soft to the touch abaya. 


    This deluxe set comes with many extra accessories for hours of fun!  

    Ages 3 and up.

    I only have a few left.

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