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Arabic Quran Practice-Ipad Learning Computer-For Muslim Girls

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Arabic With Quran Practice Ipad Learning Computer    


IN addition to below it does the Arabic letters, words, prayers, and "Quran practice"

*With LED screen

*Waterproof design,

*Standard and clear pronunciation

*Powered by 3 pieces (AA battery)             


Children's Educational Laptop in the form of an I pad Tablet that is sure to give children hours of fun!

Full Size: 20cm x 27cm

With 35 different activities in both English and Arabic this is the most interactive I pad toy yet!

List of activities: Most Important There is many activities of Quran practice,

01: Learn the letters
02: Learn to write the letters
03: Find the letter
04: Learn the words
05: Learn to spell out the words
06: Put the first letter of the word
07: Find the missing letter in the word
08: Select the right word
09: Spell out the word
10: Learn the numbers
11: Learn the numbers in word format
12: Learn to write the numbers
13: Guess the number
14: Are the numbers equal, bigger than or smaller than...?
15: Mathematics: Addition
16: Mathematics: Take away
17: Mathematics: Multiplication
18: Mathematics: Division
19: Put the numbers in ascending order
20: Different Musical tunes
21: Different Musical notes
22: Learn the different musical notes
23: Musical notes memory game
24: Numbers memory game
25: Matching cards memory game
26: How many triangles and squares are there?
27: Set the time
28: Play space game
29: Play snake game
30: Zap the letters
31: Car race game
32: Catch the hearts
33: Fill the space and reach the square
34: Tetras
35: Draw

Screen mimics an I pad tablet.

Bright and colorful, this is sure to be a hit with children!

Alternate between English and Arabic, quick touch to access the games, levels of activities and the time.

Has volume control and an answer mode for the learning activities.

Available in pink only.  

For ages 3 +  

Requires 3x AA batteries