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Arabic/English I-Book Electronic Reader "Tigger & Pooh"

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Arabic/English I-Book Electronic Reader "Tigger & Pooh"

Product Description
Arabic/English I-Book Electronic Reader "Tigger & Pooh" (Ages 2-10)
"My Friends Tigger and Pooh" Bilingual Arabic English Electronic Book. Touch to Listen. Paperback Book in Electronic Case.

You touch the books pages and it speaks English/Arabic. Read words, sentences, sounds, asks questions and waits for answers.

Touch the question mark (Choose English or Arabic) and the book asks the child a question like “Where is Tigger?” The child must touch Tigger's picture.

"I" will be heard when you touch exactly on the letter.

I-Book speaks the pictures and the objects (in English and Arabic). I.e. Touch the Boat to hear “The leaves on the trees ar falling and the rain is coming” The I-Book reads the words as the child touches them.

Topics: Small animals and insects, 100 Acre wood friends, days, months, and seasons, Fruits and Plants, Forest Exploration, The Body

Dimensions (HxWxD mm): 274 X 369 X 580 cm

UPC: 6210149037261

Format: Paperback Book in Electronic Case, 24 Pages

Ages 2-10, Great for Any Beginning Reader!