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  • Diverse Muslim Doll-Beginners Level Kraft Kit-Lovely Gift Box

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    A word from me and you all can call me Auntie Debbie:

    Remember we must celebrate the differences and find the similarities and what a wonderful world this would be..

    A friend of mine from Ghana said she did not know she was black until she came to America.

    This saddened me so much. 

    I am aware of little girls that have darker skin picks when offered a black beautiful doll and also a white with blond hair Barbie doll.

    Just about every beautiful child said i want the pretty one and it was the white one with blond hair.

    I am deeply saddened by this because our country is amazing but also many people can be mean spirited for minorities and different religions who are really afraid for what they don't know.

    I love all people's and judge no one and please pass this on.

    We are delighted to introduce AFRA a sweet hijabi doll or a black Muslim doll.  

    AFRA one of our Muslim dolls, she loves making teas and potions from the blossoms on the orange trees in her yard,

    AFRA is so amazing that she even makes perfume! 

    This beautiful Islamic doll even makes bracelets by stringing tiny green orange fruits together for her Aunties and friends.


    One day she wants to be a perfumer with her own shop distilling oils from the all the different flowers and herbs.

    This sweet and unique Muslim Barbie doll comes to life in your hands with each stitch. 

    The lovely package she comes in is ready for gift giving. 


    + A fancy box ready to give as a gift.

    + Screen Printed 100% Cotton Fabric

    + Original Water based Ink Design

    + Polyester Stuffing

    + Instruction sheet with links to online video

    We have a limited supply but we will do everything possible so there will be one for you to purchase, or more of this popular and fun kit.

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