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  • Dunya Arabian Doll-Muslim Doll-Regular And Deluxe Sets

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    Muslim Doll: Regular Set and  Dunya Arabian Friends Doll  Deluxe Set

    Dunya name means "Life".

    This is a lovely Islamic doll

    Her long dark hair is all fancied up in a layered lovely mint green feminine and delicate green satin hair decoration.

    Dunya, a friend of Fulla, comes complete with a two toned chiffon and satin (easy to put on for little fingers) hijab.

    She is wearing a matching pair of fancy mint green shoes.

    Her modest long sleeved blouse is down in a fine, and dainty varying shade of green flowers.

    She is wearing a long modest jean skirt with iridescent sparkles.

    She has a blue belt with brass fasteners.

    To complete the outfit in style Dunya a lovely Muslim Barbie doll is carrying a long strapped mint pastel green fashionable with satin flowers on the pocketbook.

    Dunya Deluxe Set

    Dunya Arabian Friends doll with three complete outfits, 

    It includes a two toned (easy to put on for little fingers) hijab. 

    And with all Muslim doll clothes we must make a statement about the abaya...

    This Muslim Barbie Doll comes with a lovely intricate green design around it's neckline, shoulders, and at the bottom of the matching abaya. .

    Dunya is a beautiful Hijarbie doll with brown hair and hazel eyes.

    One of her many other things I did not mention was she also has a pair of sunglasses and a matching modest hat to.

    She is wearing a sparkly, multi-green sweater with a light green skirt and a two toned green winter hijab.

    She also comes with a matching green handbag.

    This set includes an extra outfit which is a peach and tan silky soft blouse.

    It includes with the second set of clothes a  lovely intricately fine designed belt.

    It has a so soft to the touch pair of modest matching trousers.

    To complete the second outfit it includes a fancy pair of matching boots.

    The extra abaya and hijab for the third outfit has a green design trim.

    This deluxe Muslim doll set comes with many extra accessories for hours of fun!

    Order now to guarantee availability because I own four designs & three of each (of the eight in both styles sets) regular or deluxe set.

    I bought out what was left of the collection a few years ago and they are no longer being sold except on my website.

    Order now to guarantee availability.