Learning Good Islamic Values Through Fun And Play! BIG SALE!

English-Arabic/Islamic Electronic Learning Toy!

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Arabic/Islamic learning toy!

It teaches numbers, letters, words, the 99 names of Allah, Quran and prayers.

Various sounds when buttons are pressed.

Directions included in Arabic and English.


The Arabic Alphabet in a fun and colourful interactive wall chart. 

It contains the Arabic alphabet, Arabic words, duas, and selected Surahs of the Holy Quran for easy and fun learning

Simply press anywhere on the chart to hear audio sounds of the Alphabet, words and duas.

Buttons ranged along the bottom will let you hear the following surahs:

Surah An-Nas

Surah Al-Falaq

Surah Al-Ikhlas

Surah Fatiha

Asma Allah ul Husna (The 99 beautiful names of Allah)

The Azan

The Arabic Alphabet song

Adjustable volume control.


1. Correctly insert 3x AAA batteries into the device

2. Hang the device up on the wall by using the hanging hole on the back

3. Press power button on the lower left side. It is on and working once the greeting words are heard

4. 28 buttons in the central area contain 3 learning modes:

Alphabet, Duaa, and Word. Default mode is Alphabet

5. Press the uttermost left button at the top of the chart for Duas

6. Press the second on the right at the top of the chart for words

7. Press the uttermost right button at the top of the chart to take you back to the alphabet.

8. Press the second from the left to playback at any time

9. Press the middle button to put it into test mode.

Test yourself on numbers/alphabets and words

Applies to kids: 3 years +

Children ages 3 to 12.