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  • Fair trade girl doll set - Zaynab Muslim Girl

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    Fair trade girl doll set - Zaynab Muslim Girl

    We are very happy to introduce our absolutely beautiful cotton Fair trade Zaynab Muslim doll. Made by artisans who use the traditional craft of hand looming which is then dyed using environmentally friendly dyes. Made from quality ethically sourced materials and hand made craftmanship, this is truly a doll to treasure always.

    A wonderful role play doll set which will encourages your child to pray salah. The featureless face will encourage the child to use their imagination so they can create their own emotions for the doll.

    Washing instructions: the clothes can be removed and hand washed separately and the body is surface sponge washable.

    The doll set comprises of:

    A 30cm Zaynab doll - fair skin and brown hair

    Separate prayer outfit with easy velcro opening

    Prayer mat

    This product is made under fair trade certified conditions, which means that all the workers are paid a decent wage, work in safe and healthy working conditions, and have access to other benefits such as health checks etc. No child labour is used and employment takes place in rural villages, therefore benefitting the local community.