Learning Good Islamic Values Through Fun And Play! BIG SALE!
  • Fulla Muslim Doll-Abaya with Pink Stars-Hijab-Day Outfit

    $49.99 $39.99

    Pink Fulla doll with two outfits and hijab.

    This is a limited edition.

    This Islamic doll is wearing a light pink shirt with ruffles at the neck and wrists.

    Over that is a darker pink jacket with lace trim at the wrists.

    Fulla Muslim doll also has a lovely long pretty shade of grey and white designs on this modest skirt .

    This skirt has a shiny pink belt with a slightly darker shade of pink buckle.

    What would complete a outfit?

    It is her lovely pink and white hijab that is easy for little fingers to put on.

    On the side you get the abaya (black robe) with pink stars, and flowers decoration appealing to young girls and also for her mother's approval of this traditional Muslim woman's attire.

    What is unique and special about this Muslim Barbie Doll is that she is wearing a non removableĀ pearl white tee shirt and long underwear to her knees for modesty.

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