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  • Fulla-Arabic Love Song-Microphone-Sing Along-Record-Playback

    $79.99 $64.99

    Fulla Singing Doll with Microphone!

    Your little one can sing along with this beautiful Fulla singing Muslim doll!

    Fulla sings Ya Tayba in Arabic.

    This beautiful Muslim Barbie doll is dressed like a princess in lavender, her hair tucked modestly in a lovely purple hijab.

    Included is a microphone that allows your child to sing along with Fulla.

    She can use the microphone and it comes with RECORD and PLAY BACK to capture the moment.  

    What is unique and a amazing idea...

    Fulla is wearing a thin pearl white layer for a tee shirt and long to the knees underwear that cannot be removed for modesty.

    She comes with temporary batteries.

    A truly amazing doll.

    Order now to guarantee availability.

    If you purchase one I will include a free Fulla coloring book.

    To top that off I also will include a 12 piece set of mini magic markers.

    If you order 2 Fulla dolls I will include the coloring book, a set of Fulla stickers and upgrade to a fine quality set of colored pencils that are valued at $10 each.. 

    If you order 3 Fulla dolls which is known as a Hijarbie doll

    You get all that plus a woven with a combination of silk and cotton thread in lovely patterns and not like the cheaper versions that paint on the design. 

    It is a prayer rug for the Doll. 

    And If you order 4 of these of the finest quality Muslim Barbie dolls I will give all that and a beautiful Black Hijab and Abaya and comes with gold fancy shoes. 

    Also there is gold trim om the abaya and and comes with easy to put on hijab for little fingers and 2 gold bangle bracelets to.

    Valued at 24.95 a rare one because they were a limited edition and I still have quite a bit.