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  • Fulla Recites Night Prayers-PJ's-Slippers-Prayer Rug-Bag-Book

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    Fulla night prayer talking doll.

    This Muslim doll is wearing a pink prayer outfit. 

    It consists of a very long pink with embroidered hijab

    It has the second part of this lovely pink prayer outfit which is the long to ankles pink embroidered skirt.

    Under the prayer outfit, Fulla a Muslim Barbie doll is wearing a a pair of pink satin and cotton pajamas. 

    To complete this outfit she has a pair of pink slippers.

    It also comes with a soft pink bag for her prayer rug, a prayer mat, and a prayer booklet . 

    This amazing Islamic doll recites the night prayer in Arabic. 

    Batteries included. 

    What is unique and a amazing idea... 

    This lovely Muslimah doll is wearing a thin pearl white layer for a tee shirt and long to the knees underwear that cannot be removed for modesty.

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