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Islamic Computer

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Islamic Computer

Toy Islamic computer for children 3 years to 13 years.


Excellent learning for your children: Arabic alphabetic

Each key when pressed plays different Quranic verses, Quranic surahs.

Or Prayer and children learn as they play and repeat after even the listening to it is a pleasure and the blessing from God.

Let your children familiarize with the Quran at early age.

Kids can easily learn the following:

1. Daily Masnoon Dua’s (Prayers/Invocations):

Some examples:

a. Du'a for a journey

b. Du'a before going to sleep

c. Du'a while leaving home

d. Du'a while returning home

e. Du'a to recite at the end of a gathering/meeting

f. Du'a before eating

g. Du'a after eating

h. Du'a before going to the toilet

i. Du'a after coming out of the toilet

j. Du'a after Azaan

k. Du'a to recite at Iftar (Ramadhan or any fast)

2. Qur'aan:

Some examples:

a. Surah Al Faatihah

b. Aayatul Kursie

c. Surah Al 'Asr

d. Surah Al Kaafiroon

e. Surah Al Ikhlaas

f. Surah Al Falaq

g. Surah Al Naas


All Arabic letters "Alif to Ya"

4. Important Kalimaat:

Some Examples:

a. Kalimah Tawheed (Kalimah Tayyibah)

b. Kalimah Shahaadah

c. Salaat 'Alan Nabi (Durood Shareef)

d. Talbiyyat of HAJJ

An Easy playful way to learn and memorize Quranic Surahs.

Extremely Portable Laptop with a handle to carry.

Each button on the laptop plays a different Surah or Dua' and all Arabic Alphabets.

The screen also has Makka mukarama Picture which lights up on pressing any key.

However, this is not like a full size laptop screen.

More than 50 touch buttons (each button plays a different Surah or Dua’ or Arabic Letter)

Excellent gift for kids!


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