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  • Large Hand Sewn-Faceless Arabian Muslim Doll-Bedouin Outfit

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    This is a very large hand-sewn Faceless Muslim Arabian boy doll.

    This faceless Muslim boy doll is in traditional Arabian Bedouin Dress.

    He is wearing a blue thobe and the red and white checkered Bedouin shemagh scarf.

    This is what the what male Bedouins wear and the rest wear white shemaghs for villagers, and city dwellers.

    He is wearing white socks and adorable blue sandals.. 

    This faceless Muslim hand sewn boy doll is made with 100% cotton fabric and stuffed with fire retardant polyester filling.

    Length 39cm approx. which is 15.5 inches approx. a good size doll!

    And being handmade he is one of a kind even though we have 2 they are handmade.

    Therefore each is different and when they are gone we will not have anymore in this color available.

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    This customer is commenting on the same handmade Muslim doll company that made the other faceless dolls she bought.

    One Customer Said>>>>>>, “Our eldest daughter chose this doll and upon arriving in the post.

    It was love at first sight!

    These dolls are so well made, They really are fantastic.  And  a lovely generous size.

    What totally convinces me of the quality of the sewing is the fact that neither of the doll's hijab’s have budged...

    Even in the midst of rather rugged play at the hands of two wild farm girls and their equally feral brother!

    That says it all!  :-)  Ever so cute,  So sweet,  A real blessing to find such lovely hijabi dolls.

    And the dolls are a good size,  They are just big enough to be easily cuddled by a wee one  up to a older of the younger sister’s up to eleven or even twelve year old  Muslim young lady’s.

     And believe it or not some of us mother’s and even a grandmother like me like to have a few to cuddle and collect.

    Everything about these dolls are well made, and the hijab’s are sewn at the key points and they stay in place.