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Muslim Doll Handmade Sheer Tunic Pants Hijab Shoes

$39.99 $29.99

Muslim Barbie doll like a fulla doll with handmade clothes and matching soft chiffon hijab.

All of these Islamic dolls come with fancy matching Barbie shoes.

All of the clothing pieces come with Velcro for easy changing.

She comes professionally packaged like a Barbie doll.

It has light makeup for modesty.

This Muslimah doll has life like eyelashes.

This lovely doll with easy to brush black hair.

Muslim Hijarbie doll

She is wearing a sheer dark blue and green puffy patterned tunic blouse.

It has a glittery greenish blue bow around her waist.

Her trousers are a matching greenish blue and made of cotton.

She has a green jersey underneath the sheer puffy tunic top.

Her hijab is a greenish blue chiffon hijab with a metallic gold filigree forehead band.

On the left side of the hijab is a peach golden satin rose with green satin leaves.

She is wearing a lovely pair of matching dress shoes.

All clothing pieces have Velcro for easy changing.

This is the only one I have so order now to guarantee availability.

These Muslim dolls are of the finest quality more modest design and a realistic shape to.

She is very flexible and pose-able.

This is all handmade and of the finest quality you will ever see. She is professionally packaged.

This would make a wonderful present for that very special girl.

A CUSTOMER SAID: The outfit was exactly as it looked in the picture. Is good handmade quality and was easy to dress the doll with easy to use clothing features.

A CUSTOMER SAID: The sender really tries to please you and make sure that you are happy. I am very satisfied with my purchase. I hope to order again soon.

A CUSTOMER SAID: I can't wait to get these beautiful outfits on my dolls! I just wanted to reach out and say I'm so pleased with the order I received, the outfits are beautiful and I can't wait to give these to my daughter!