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  • Muslim Prayer Doll-Prayer Beads-Six Choices-7 Piece Satin Prayer Set

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    Muslim barbie doll, and this is like a-Fulla doll-or-Islamic prayer doll

    Muslim dolls with handmade clothes and hijab.  

    She h as very light makeup for modesty.

    Her long shiny black hair is easy to comb and brush to. 

    She is wearing a lovely pair of fancy Barbie shoes.

    These beautiful Muslimah Dolls-Satin 6 piece prayer outfits.

    They have have white embroidery around the edges of the prayer outfit which comes in six different colors. 

    First is the pink hijarbie doll prayer outfit-green-blue-yellow-lilac- and-peach.

    As you can see some pictures represent the fine handmade quality like triple edged seams etc.

    The first three are the fine satin hijab and the long matching prayer robe and long prayer dress. 


    The most important part of this lovely handmade satin one of a kind  prayer outfit is the neck to toes a satin sleeveless dress underneath.  


    This Muslim Barbie doll also comes with a matching pair of modest shoes.  

    They come wit a pair of miniature tasbih prayer beads.   

    They also come with Velcro for easy changing.  


    The Hijarbie Prayer Dolls make a great Eid gift Birthday or memorizing part of the Quran etc.

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