Learning Good Islamic Values Through Fun And Play! BIG SALE!
  • Newborn Plus-Muslim Faceless Boy Doll-Thobe-Pants-Kufi-Eid Gift

    $35.00 $24.99

    This is a male Muslim faceless doll.

    He is safe for 0+ to any age for a boy or a girl.

    This Muslim doll meets all safety standards.

    He has a adorable crocheted ivory kufi.

    This Islamic doll is wearing a blue thobe the traditional male dress.

    He also is wearing a pair of green trousers and blue and yellow shoes.

    This doll has black hair and tan skin tone.

    He is ten inches tall and they don't make these anymore.

    Also he is so soft and is gentle to the touch.

    As of November 19th I only have 7 left.

    Once they are gone there isn't anywhere else to purchase them.

    Order now to guarantee availability.