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Telling The Truth

Elmo prepares for the Monster Art Show, but he must choose only one of his drawings.

He shows the drawings to his friends, who all like his drawings so much that he gives them the drawings.

Will he have any left to enter?

Telling The Truth

Why children should always tell the truth is a difficult lesson to teach.

But the Sesame Street: Telling the Truth video can help.

When Telly visits Gina's Day Care, he finds out that all of the other kids have been to the circus. To be one of the gang,

Telly lies and says that his uncle is a ringmaster.

But when Gina reads the story of The Boy Who Cried Wolf and then Telly's uncle (played by Dennis Quaid) drops in for a surprise visit,

Telly has to admit that he lied and learns a valuable lesson.

Part of the Kids Guide to Life series, this simple, straightforward story makes this video perfect for children ages three to six.