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  • Six Piece Islamic Stencil Set Including Arabic Letters Child's Eid Gift Hajj set


    Six piece Islamic Stencil Set Including Arabic Letters Child's Eid Gift Hajj set. 

    Condition is New. 




    This is a stencil set containing 6 beautifully drawn stencils picturing different aspects of Islamic life. 

    Children can let their creativity run wild with these drawing stencils. 

    Once the lines are drawn, they can use the resulting perfect pictures to color to their heart’s content.

    These stencils are perfect to stimulate fine motor skills.

    From 3 years

    Size 18x18cm

    Hajj, Mecca,Kaaba, prayer and minaret and Arabic letters stencils for children.

    This has the stencils of the Hajj journey, Mecca and the Kaaba and the people praying during the Hajj and also 

    the Arabic alphabet.

    This is a six piece Islamic and Arabic stencil set. It has the Arabic Alphabet and numbers stencil Minarets pictures from a Mosque to be called for prayer stencil camels and the pyramids,the moon and stars the Islamic symbol stencil,

    The Kaaba, someone praying on a prayer rug,and Quran and praying hands Stencil, Mosque, Moroccan lamp and palm tree and pointing to the prayers stencil, Mosque, Minarets and people lined up for prayer stencil,

    There are six stencils in all.

    You can use colored pencils, markers, crayons, pastels, paint and more.

    They are large stencils easy for little hands and all the way up to adult. weather you just want to draw paint or 

    color or make designs for note-cards for Islamic holidays or make wrapping paper for the holidays or 

    birthdays or a new baby being born or you want to make posters for school fun or play or to advertise a 

    bazaar you can do so many things with these stencils.

    This makes a nice birthday, Eid, Hajj, Ramadan or New Years gift.

    So why not purchase this original set of Islamic and Arabic Alphabet and numbers stencil kit?