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  • Zaahir & Jamel The Camel Hajj Book Childs Eid Ul-Adha Islamic Gift

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    Zaahir & Jamel The Camel Hajj Book Child's Eid Ul-Adha Islamic Gift Hajj Holiday . 

    Condition is Brand New. Hardcover Book

    This early reader rhyming series is based upon a young Muslim boy (Zaahir) and his furry friend (Jamel the Camel).

    Come along with them and experience the pleasure and joy of this beautiful Hajj journey.

    Learning about Islam is always an exciting adventure with your Muslim Pals Zaahir and Jamel the Camel.

    This book comes complete with an Islamic Quiz, Arabic Activity, Glossary and much more

    Zaahir & Jamel are your Muslim Pals fast and true.

    This book is a fun world they’d love to share with you!

    Come take a look and see what’s inside.

    Make sure you hang on… it’s quite a ride! 

    With quizzes an activity glossary and more…

    This book makes learning Islam fun to the core!

    Now turn the pages and grab a comfy seat.

    Who knew journey of Hajj could be so neat?!


    This book is a great read for explaining the different parts of Hajj in a linear, easy to follow, fun way to children.

    The author gives facts in fictionalized setting with Zaahir and his camel, Jamel getting ready for, and performing the hajj. 

    The illustrations are also engaging and give plenty to talk about in both one-on-one reading scenarios and in larger groups. 

    For story time the book works well to read a page then reflect upon and discuss what it is showing and telling us.

    This is a fun interesting and engaging book.

    Amatullah Almarwani